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Management Software for the Meat Processing Industry

Optimize your meat business from start to finish with our ERP software: from slaughterhouses and cutting plants to ham and sausage factories. It allows complete traceability, adapts to your type of meat (pork, beef, sheep, goat, poultry, etc.), automates tasks, reduces costs, helps you make strategic decisions and comply with regulations.

It is scalable, flexible and offers you a comprehensive management of production, purchasing, sales, inventory, finance, accounting... and much more!

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Sectorial processes

  • Slaughtering. The slaughter process consists of the set of operations carried out to transform the live animal into a carcass in a hygienic and safe manner, obtaining meat fit for human consumption.
  • Quartering. The quartering of animals collects the weights of the different parts into which the carcasses have been cut in order to draw up the quartering scandals, calculate the costs, make the entries in the chambers and, from here, deliver the products to the customers or consume them in the successive production processes.
  • Product scales. The formulas for processed products make it possible to define the proportions of meat raw materials, auxiliary materials, operations to be carried out during processing and shrinkage, in order to determine product costs.
  • Manufacturing. The manufacturing process allows the control of the different operations that are carried out during the manufacturing process, controlling the different costs that are added, auxiliary materials, machine costs or labor costs.
  • In-plant data capture. Touch-screen application for weighing terminals, which, together with portable barcode readers, collects product information at the place where they are produced: at reception, dispatch or in the workshop where they are transformed. Reading of customer orders to be served and assignment of units and kilos to them, with their items and serial numbers.

    This application is fully integrated with the ERP.

  • Labeling. The solution allows defining the labeling of the products for their correct identification, complying with the General Food Traceability, the General Labeling Standard, the obligation of food information provided to the consumer and the international standards of identification of the products of the destination countries to which the company exports.
  • Expeditions. Integrated system with scales, barcode readers and labeling machines to prepare shipments. Customized labels for customers, when dispatching automatically takes the label that the customer has designed for each item, so that any operator can perform the process without error. Avoids forgetfulness and errors, invoicing what has been weighed on the scale.

  • Traceability. Allows the traceability of a meat product from its origin to the final consumer, identifying and recording all stages of the production and distribution chain.
  • Communication with the Web store. It has communication processes with the Web store to publish the products that will appear for sale in the store with their prices and availability. 
  • Portal web portal for customers and sales representatives. Ideal for end customers or commercial customers to place orders online on any type of device. It has a complete customer information center, where the commercial can review customer data and operations performed: offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices and status of their collections.
  • EDI communications. It has been designed to meet the needs of document exchange in retail chains. Compatible with Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Ahorramás, Alcampo, etc.
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Cutting room

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Trade / Retail

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Distribution / Wholesale

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Traceability system for the meat industry

Forget the limitations of traditional software. Aelis offers you the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time, whether on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Access all your meat company's information in real time and make more agile decisions.

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Areas covered by the solution

  • Accounting and finance
  • Sales and distribution
  • Production, purchasing and logistics
  • CRM
  • Payroll and human resources
  • Business Analysis and Scorecard
  • Point of sale for retail
  • eCommerce
  • EDI communications
  • Factura electrónica

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